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Have questions about any of our services? Our FAQ section will help you with initial and frequently asked questions. Our team is always on hand to assist you with any information about our services. If you are unable to find the answer below, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

How do know if I have a leak?

-Heating system needing constant attention/ top ups. (normal top up is every 6 month)

-water tanks in attack continuously filling throughout the night. Dripping noise from the attack keeping you awake at night.

-water pump coming on for 10 second bursts without anything calling for water. Showers, toilets etc.

– low water pressure at kitchen tap.

-Water tanks running dry or the need to be sparring with water to avoid tanks running dry during the day.

-notice from irish water indicating possible leak or high water usage.

-damp patches or rising damp on walls without any obvious reason to explain them.

What equipment and methods used.

– acoustic ground microphone.

-tracer gas and gas detection equipment

-thermal imaging

-pipe locating equipment for all pipe materials and sizes.

Is there any disruption to my home during the initial survey?

When detecting for a leak we use non-invasive methods . This means that there is no disturbance at all when surveying and pinpointing the leak.

How do you cost & estimate a job?

All situations are different when locating and repairing leaks. Once contact is made and details are obtained we can give you an estimate of time and cost related to your particular situation. Rest assured we work tirelessly to locate and repair every leak as quickly as possible. We want to get out of your hair as quickly as you want us out. We are equipped with every piece of technology available for locating leaks and have vast experience implementing our methods and strategies. Once meeting one of the team you will quickly realise this and will have complete faith in our methods.

What is involved in the repair process?

We don’t just locate leaks but we also carry out all repairs from start to finish, guaranteeing the highest of standards- usually the same day. We consider ourselves the best in the business when it comes to repairing water leaks and pride ourselves in the quality in which we leave behind.

What areas do A Team cover?

Dublin north and south, and greater Dublin area. Outside of Dublin may be subject to travel expenses.

What quality of service can I expect?

From start to finish we try and be as personal as possible. We completely understand how stressful having a leak can be and the process you’ve already gone through before you’ve made contact with us. With this knowledge we try and ease stress from the start and assure clients they are in safe hands now that we’re going to bring their issue to a close. We also encourage clients to stay in contact with us for any plumbing related issues they have in the future. Repeat business is a positive sign we are doing things right.

What is A Teams response time?

Once contact is made and we try and attend your property within 2 to 3 days. We also offer a 24hr service and instant callout should your leak be an emergency situation.

What happens if I don't get a leak repaired?

Heating systems with leaks that are managed and not repaired suffer the most. This sometimes can be detrimental to the entire heating system and will  eventually cost thousands to repair.

Water main leaks are the most common undetected leak and eventually become and issue you no longer can ignore. Low water pressure, dampness throughut your home, musty smells, water hammer noises, expensive water bill costs if you have to pay for water.

Do A Team provide any additional plumbing services?

We provide a variety of plumbing services that include;

  • Boiler servicing.
  • Boiler replacing.
  • Hot water cylinder replacement & upgrade.
  • Water main replacing
  • Water pump replacement
  • General plumbing parts replacement. Taps, ballcock etc

What is involved with my insurance claim and eligibility?

We offer advice and guidance when dealing with your insurance company. We continually work with insurance companies and clients when locating and repairing leaks. Insurance company’s regularly recommend us to their clients when circumstances require our attention. In the vast majority of cases the service we provide can be covered by your household insurance.

Do Irish Water provide any assistance or rebates?

Rebate for leaks detected and repaired have been paid in the past but lately clients have been unsuccessful in claiming for leak repairs. Generally Irish Water will give you a notice that you have a leak and may carry out a simple test to try and give you an indication where your leak may be. Once Irish Water establish that the leak is on your property and not related to the connections to the water meter it’s up to you to find and repair it.

  • “Thank you so much for all your help. I am amazed at how fast you were at the actual leak detection. I couldn’t be happier with the service you provided. Many thanks.

    Susan Darcy
  • “My central heating hasn’t been running properly for years. After a frustrating spell dealing with numerous plumbers I was finally put in touch with the A-Team. They were fast and efficient at identifying the problem. My heating system is running better than ever.”

  • “A-Team Leak Detection located my leak within the first hour of arriving. The leaking pipe was dug up and replaced with minimal disruption to my kitchen floor. Friendly staff that I would highly recommend.”

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