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Powerflushing is a method we use to clean your heating system internally. All of the radiators stay in place and connected so no need to worry about dirty water getting onto carpets etc.

We use a purpose built flushing machine which we connect to your boiler.

Prior to flushing the system we call to your house to survey the radiators and pipework to see if your system is suitable to be flushed and also give you an idea of how much we can increase the effeciecy of the boiler and radiators. During this 1 hour call out we take thermal imaging pictures of the radiators to show us blockages and cold spots. We will then quote you on the day and if your happy enough to go ahead we will inject a pre treatment chemical into the system to start breaking up the blockages.

We then arrange a convient time to come and flush the system, this process takes the whole day. Once the system is flushed and we’re satisfied the blockages have been cleared with the use of thermal imaging camera we give the system its final balance. In addition to flushing the system we always recommend the fitment of a magnetic filter to maintain the internal cleanliness of the pipe work and rads. This also allows for quick inspection of the water quality and allows for water treatment chemicals to be added easily.

heating system flushing


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A thermal survey is carried out prior to any power flushing to establish if the heating system will benefit from the procedure. This also provides you with evidence of improvements made to the system after the flush is complete.

heating system flushing
  • New boiler install when existing radiators and pipework remains (important)
  • After a leak has been repaired and there’s evidence it’s been leaking for a long time. (Over 6 month)
  •  Heating systems in operation for over ten years (general maintenance )
  • Heating system noticeably underperforming.
  • Heating bills rising and the house notably not warm to justify.
  • Radiators cold to touch at the bottom after running for 30 mins.
  • Improved heat throughout home.
  • More efficient running costs and savings on bill.
  • Boiler life span massively extended and reduced repairs
  • None invasive procedure giving the existing system the best possible improvements


  • What is involved with heating power flushing?

    We carry out a one hour survey to established if the system would benefit from a powerflush with the aid of thermal imaging technology. This usually takes 1 hour to to complete. Based on this survey we then provide you with a quotation for the service required. Once we agree the price we then agree a day that suits you.

    On the agreed day of the powerflushing we connect our machine to your boiler begin the process of cleaning the system one radiator at a time until all radiators and pipework are free of blockages and debris. We now begin the process of disconnecting our equipment and fine tuning the heat throughout your home which best suits your needs. Sometimes this will take several call backs to achieve your exact requirements. Which we our happy to do without any additional charges.

  • How long does it take to flush a heating system?

    Depending on the quantity of radiators and the level of magnetite (gunge/blockages) in the system it can take between 1 to 2 days. To achieve the best results it is paramount not to rush through the flush potentially only semi cleaning the system. We begin every flush with the ambition to clean the system to its maximum potential regardless of the amount of time it takes. This is where we separate ourselves from others doing this service. A standard 3 bed house should take the majority of a day to complete to a high standard. We use the most powerful and effective equipment available but the process needs adequate time to gently remove build ups from the radiators and pipework. We guarantee we are the best value for money provider offering this service. Our methods, experience  and combination of quality equipment and new technology are pioneering the way powerflushing is done.

  • How much does it cost to flush a heating system?

    Heating systems are priced individually after we carry out our initial hour long survey.  The number of radiators and thermal imagining information determine a final price. Once this price is finalised and agreed we arrange a day and begin the process with no set deadline to finish. On average a 3 bed house takes the day to complete, however if the system is slow to clean to our high standards and it requires more time than expected we will patiently spend whatever additional time is necessary to achieve the highest quality result for no extra charge. This is what makes us the best at what we do in turn assures our customer is satisfied and feels they got value for money. Guide price for 3 bed house is €500. All chemicals and aftercare heat adjustments/balance are included. You will not be disappointed should you avail of this service.

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