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Leaks can occur without a customer ever seeing a drip of water or any visual signs of damage. Overtime is it is normal for old pipes and boilers to deteriorate, crack or burst resulting in damage behind the scenes. When left unattended, these minor leaks can become major headaches for both homeowners and businesses. This is where A Team Leak detection come in. Our team are here to advise, detect and repair a variety of symptoms caused by water leaks.

Whether it is a water mains issue, your water pressure has decreased or possibly the hot water is slow to heat up and losing heat without any use, don’t worry. A-Team has you covered!

On initial contact with A-Team Leak Detection, a member of staff will ask some discovery questions to offer helpful advice and direction that will assist in resolving your issue. Depending on the information gathered we will explain the best way to go about finding and repairing the leak. It is at this stage we also outline our repair processes, explain our pricing and provide an estimated project timeline and quotation. Once you are happy to proceed, we book you in for the next available slot.

When a member of A-Team arrives at your home or building the first step is to do a full walk through to identify all the relevant heating components and locations. We then carryout a simple pressure test to confirm the previously gathered information is accurate. Once satisfied a leak is present, we begin our survey to pinpoint the source using a combination of specialist equipment, proven methods and the vast knowledge and experience gained over our years in business. When the leak is pinpointed, we set out to perform the fastest and least disruptive repair possible. This is where we separate ourselves from other competitors – all repair work is complete to the highest standard due to our teams various background’s in trades such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical and building.

Once all repairs to the source problem are complete, a final test is carried out on the system and to confirm everything is back up and running. We have found that most systems repaired will end up running more effectively than they did prior to the leak. We then begin the process of repairing the floor to a standard that resembles the floor prior to the leak repair.

During the process we document the case scenario and findings should you require a report for your insurance company. We can also advise and direct you through the claim process. When leaving your home/business we take all related rubbish and leave the area exactly as we found it.

You’ll be given advice and guidance of things to expect or look out for in the days following repairs to your system. In the unlikely event there are any unforeseen issues with the  system we guarantee to prioritise your call and return asap to resolve the issue.


With over 10 years experience in the industry and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us the next time you have a leak. We work with clients from start to finish, to find, advise and repair leaks in a professional, effective and timely manner. All case files are kept on record should anything happen in the future or if any follow up support is required. The A Team are always on call to help.

  • Financial Responsibility to Our Clients
  • Superior Quality and Craftsmanship
  • Quality and Value to the Projects We Deliver
  • Latest tools and Technology Used
  • Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction


  • How do you cost & estimate a job?

    All situations are different when locating and repairing leaks. Once contact is made and details are obtained we can give you an estimate of time and cost related to your particular situation. Rest assured we work tirelessly to locate and repair every leak as quickly as possible. We want to get out of your hair as quickly as you want us out. We are equipped with every piece of technology available for locating leaks and have vast experience implementing our methods and strategies. Once meeting one of the team you will quickly realise this and will have complete faith in our methods.

  • How do I know if I have a leak?

    Heating system needing constant attention/ top ups. (normal top up is every 6 month)

    -water tanks in attack continuously filling throughout the night. Dripping noise from the attack keeping you awake at night.

    -water pump coming on for 10 second bursts without anything calling for water. Showers, toilets etc.

    – low water pressure at kitchen tap.

    -Water tanks running dry or the need to be sparring with water to avoid tanks running dry during the day.

    -notice from irish water indicating possible leak or high water usage.

    -damp patches or rising damp on walls without any obvious reason to explain them

  • Is there any disruption to my house during an initial survey?

    When detecting for a leak we use non-invasive methods . This means that there is no disturbance at all when surveying and pinpointing the leak.

  • What equipment is used?

    – acoustic ground microphone.

    -tracer gas and gas detection equipment

    -thermal imaging

    -pipe locating equipment for all pipe materials and sizes.


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