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1.All water networks were pressure tested on arrival.
2. The water main supplying the kitchen and water storage tanks failed.
3. All other networks passed the pressure test
4. A leak rete of 1.5 liters / minute was recorded.
5. The water main was located and mapped out.
6. Various connections were identified running across the boundary to the adjoining garage next door but are deem inactive at present.
7. An acustic survey was carried out on the ground level above the pipe run. The results were inconclusive.
8. Hydrogen/nitrogen mixed tracer gas then introduced into the pipe network via the stop cock under the kitchen sink.
9. Tracer gas were initially found in the front in different areas of the front car park. Due to wind scatter, the procedure had to be repeated several times to identify an exact location.
10. With the aid of our GPR equipment we identify an exact location on the grass verge close to the road.
11. We were able to dig and expose the broken lead water main with little disruption to the front carpark.
12. We cut out a section a 400mm section of pipe and replaced it with hydradare and two philmac ¾ fittings.
13. There was a weep on the stop cock under the sink so we replaced it with a philmac quarter turn valve.
14. The pipe was backed filled with bagged sand and topped off with top soil and the original sod.
15. The pipe was tested for 1 hour under 4 bar pressure and held.


A-Team Leak Detection were commissioned by AXA Insurance to test all fresh water networks for a leak and carry out repairs. As part of the leak detection and repair, the following equipment inventory was used;

Ground microphone
Sensistor gas detector
Hydrogen/Nitrogen Tracer gas
Ground-penetrating- radar (GPR)
Cat and Genny
Thermal imaging camera
Camera scope
Cordless power tools
Trenching equipment
Rottenberger pressure testing equipment
Heavy duty breaker
Petrol consaw
Hand Tools


Project Type Commercial Leak Detection
Completion Date 23 March 2016
Client AXA Insurance
Site Engineer Ciaran Deally


The leak on the water main appears to be going on undetected for
some time. Recent works carried out on this patch of grass has seen trees been removed from this particular area. The large roots remain in place and thus making access to the pipe very difficult. The roots may have caused the initial leak but recently when the trees have been removed the roots have been disturbed subsequently shifting the pipe and making the leak worse.
On inspection the pipe is in excellent condition and causes no

There are various pipes running across the boundary to the adjoining
garage which appear to be obsolete. During the investigation it was
noted that historically these properties were owned by the same
person. The existing axa building was the office for the garage next
door. It would be wise to assume that some of the pipe work was
connected in the past and has since been disconnected.

*We keep all photographs on file in case clients require them for future reference or as evidence to claim against an insurance policy.


  • “Thank you so much for all your help. I am amazed at how fast you were at the actual leak detection. I couldn’t be happier with the service you provided. Many thanks.

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