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A-Team Leak Detection were commissioned to investigate two leaks at a residential property in Dublin 4. As part of the leak detection and repairs, the following networks were tested.

Water main supply to the tanks in the attic.
Overflow pipe on water storage tank.
Overflow pipe on tilet cistern.
Overflow pipe on bath tub.
Waste pipes from upstairs Bathroom.


Project Type Leak Detection
Completion Date 22 November 2016
Site Engineer Ciaran Deally


After an extensive investigation of all water networks of the upstairs bathroom we located a leak coming from the 1”1/2’ waste pipe in the floor space under the bathtub. This in time has caused damage to the downstairs ceiling and floor surface of the bathroom. We also found the seal of the bath tub had broken due to the floor becoming weakened by the water damage caused by the leaking waste pipe below the bath tub. The ceiling below is badly stained and has also stared to sag. This section of the ceiling will need to be replaced.

The second area which has signs of water damage was the ceiling of the landing directly below the water storage tank. This damage was caused by the thermostat in the emersion boiler failing to shut off after the water temperature reached 70 Degrees. The water in the hot water cylinder eventually reached boiling point and pitched into the attic. The hot water cylinder should be replaced with a new cylinder and single emersion as this would be more cost effective then replacing draining down and replacing the old emersion heater which has two emersions built into it.


  • “Thank you so much for all your help. I am amazed at how fast you were at the actual leak detection. I couldn’t be happier with the service you provided. Many thanks.

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