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A-Team Leak Detection were commissioned to investigate a leak at a residential property in South Dublin. The water main network was tested. In doing so, the following inventory was required;

Ground microphone
Sensistor gas detector
Hydrogen/Nitrogen Tracer gas
Ground-penetrating- radar
Cat and Genny Pipe locator
Thermal imaging camera
Camera scope
Heavy duty breaker/Kango hammer
Battery power hand tools
Hand Tools


Project Type Residential Leak Detection
Completion Date 27 October 2016
Site Engineer Ciaran Deally
Site Technician Stephen Cullen


1.Full walk through of the site noting all connections off the main.
2. Acoustic examination of the known water connections.
3. Tracer gas was then pumped into the main in order to get an exact location.
4. The leak located in the kitchen under the dishwasher.
5. Excavation to get down to the water main leak.
6. Leak exposed and photographed at full pressure.
7. Section of pipe was exposed in order to carry out repair.
8. Section of pipe replaced.
9. Water main turned back on and visual inspection to insure all fittings were secure.
10. Hole back filled and concreted.
11. Surface reinstated and made good
12. Pressure tested the main to ensure no other leaks


After an extensive investigation of the water main and stopcocks and all water main connections at the property I can confirm there was a major burst causing damage to the floor and walls in the surrounding area.

Once the leak was repaired we tested the water main for additional leaks – there were no additional leaks to report at time of testing.


*We keep all photographs on file in case clients require them for future reference or as evidence to claim against an insurance policy.


  • “Thank you so much for all your help. I am amazed at how fast you were at the actual leak detection. I couldn’t be happier with the service you provided. Many thanks.

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