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A-Team Leak Detection were commissioned to locate and repair a leak on the central heating system at Payzone in Sandyford.

Leak Detection Equipment Inventory:

Ground microphone
Sensistor gas detector
Hydrogen/Nitrogen Tracer gas
Ground-penetrating- radar
Cat and Genny Pipe locator
Thermal imaging camera
Camera scope
Heavy duty breaker/Kango hammer
Battery power hand tools
Hand Tools


Project Type Commercial Leak Detection
Completion Date 23 March 2016
Site Engineer Ciaran Deally


1. System was pressure tested on arrival to determine the size of the leak. system dropping approximately 1 bar in 5 minutes.
2. A walk through of the site was carried out to familiarise us with the central heating network and to see if there was any obvious signs of where the leak could be.
3. An acoustic survey was carried out on all radiators to potentially narrow down an area where water was being lost. This was unsuccessful due to ambient noises coming from electronic devises in the building.
4. All radiators were closed off and hydrogen/nitrogen mixed tracer gas was pumped into the pipe network via the boiler room.
5. Gas was located in the main hallway and accounts department. The concentrations of gas were greater in the hall way and water was starting to rise through the slab aided by the gas.
6. A trial hole was kango’d in the hall way revealing the exact location of the leaking pipe.
7. A second hole had to be broken through the concrete slab in order to blank off the decaying section of pipe.
8. The pipe was cut out and blanked using compression brass fittings.
9. The system was pressure tested to 1 BAR for approximately 1 hour to determine if there were additional leaks. (pressure held – meaning no additional leaks)
10. All radiators were recommissioned and vented.
11. An inhibitor additive was added to the system when topping back up to protect the remaining pipework and radiators.
12. The central heating boiler was reset and fired up. (circulating pump was notably faulty)
13. The system is currently under approximately 1bar pressure.
14. The radiator in the porch has been decommissioned and taken away for recycling.


When recommissioning the heating system the circulating pump was coming on intermittently. This is due to ware&tare and should be address immediately to insure efficient and reliable heating throughout the building. This work can be quoted for and carried about by us straight away if you wish.
The boiler and time controls were functioning as they should.

On inspection the remaining gun barrel piping in the ground is in excellent condition and shouldn’t be of any concern.
The holes in the entrance/lobby area have been back filled with rubble. Pat is going to reinstate the concrete and make good the tiles.
The heating system will need to be monitored over the next week or so as there will be pockets of tracer gas in the pipework that will need to be vented out and the system re- pressurised. Pat is going to carry out these works, should he have an issue he will contact us for help and advice.
Various videos/pictures were taken of the leak and will be kept on file should you need them for future reference.


  • “Thank you so much for all your help. I am amazed at how fast you were at the actual leak detection. I couldn’t be happier with the service you provided. Many thanks.

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